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Abhyangam INR   1000 INR  1000


A full body massage (Head to Toe) done with medicated herbal oils. A standard procedure with specific strokes helps in mental, physical and emotional relaxation. Massages are beneficial in preventing wrinkles and scales, relieving aches & pains,curing Spondylosis, Sleep disorders, Paralysis, improving physical consistency, inducing sound sleep, increasing general sense of well being and life span. Advised atleast once every 15 days. Mode of action: Long flowing strokes in Abhyangam stimulates nerve endings to increase blood circulation & channelise early elimination of toxins from the body. The herbs in the medicated oils rejuvenate the tissues and play a vital role in elimination of toxins and bring about a feeling of general well-being. Kindly contact the clinic physicians for any further information..

INR 1000 INR 1000


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Shirodhara INR   2000 INR  2000


Shirodhara involves continuous pouring of medicated oil on the forehead in pendulary motion for a specific period of time. Medicated oil is customised as per the need of the patient. The treatment begins with a full body massage to warm up the body. The dhara (pouring) at the forehead is generally advised for 40-50 minutes. Useful in the treatment of insomnia, memory loss, poor concentration, chronic headaches, stress, depression, premature greying of hair, mental tension, hypertension, facial paralysis and degenerative conditions of the brain For best results its advised to consult the clinic physician for a detailed prakriti analysis ( Ayurveda ). Customisation of the medicated herbal oils used in Shirodhara gives significant better results.

INR 2000 INR 2000


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